Kylie is a parent, teacher and aunty with two gorgeous children who love to spend quality time together as a family playing.  Sara is a mum, grandparent, and experienced teacher. They founded Together Time earlier this year to help parents, grandparents and anyone else caring for kids to enhance the quality time they have with the precious children in their lives. Find out more here.

New Zealand's number one clean beauty store, Biddy + May was founded by clean beauty advocate, Yasmin Farry after a diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer several years ago. As part of her recovery, Yasmin decided to look more deeply into the skincare and makeup products she had been using. In this interview, she tells us why the clean beauty revolution is here to stay


Jen Bell is editor of OOBY. She loves telling stories, especially those that involve writing about her favourite stuff - food, travel, wellness and beauty. Jen founded OOBY to provide readers with a magazine that focuses purely on Kiwi people, products and places.

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