About OOBY

OOBY is a lifestyle magazine. About Kiwis. For Kiwis. By Kiwis.


The letters stand for Our Own Backyard. We were inspired to launch an online magazine after witnessing the closure of some of New Zealand's most loved print publications in April 2o20. We believe - as do many - that it is vitally important that a diverse pool of New Zealand journalism is maintained, with multiple media options for readers. We opted for an online platform as it is accessible to most people and will enable us to publish content on a more regular basis than a print magazine. 

We are focusing purely on New Zealand products, places and people as this is what we are passionate about and things that we feel should be celebrated, particularly in the current climate. You won't see us featuring imported products, brands, international destinations or companies that are owned by offshore entities. We want to provide a place where readers can be confident that everything is 100% Kiwi - from food and drink, travel and entertainment, to health, beauty and more

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