Artisan Vinegar

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Artisan Vinegar was founded in 2011 by Executive Chef Bernd Lippmann. Bernd wanted to showcase and use unique New Zealand produce and transform them into outstanding artisan products, which reflect a taste of New Zealand.

All products are small batch made to ensure utmost quality. No artificial colours or flavours go into any of the products. No preservatives are ever used. The vinegars are double fermented and nurtured from fruit to wine to vinegar, a process which can take up to 8 months.

The tasty vinegar ride started with Kawakawa, Tamarillo and Feijoa. The range grew with Chutneys, Jams and Mustards. New items are periodically added to the range.

In 2017, Artisan Vinegar and Shirley's Kitchen merged which further extended the range with outstanding and delicious items.

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Established: 2011. 

Manufactured: Christchurch.

Products: Outstanding vinegar and vinegar related products. Handcrafted mustards, jams, curds and chutneys, as well as fruit logs, marinated fruits and fruit pastes used in culinary creations. Seasonally, Artisan Vinegar also produces high quality cordials.


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