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We know clean beauty matters and we all deserve access to affordable, natural skincare. It’s why we’ve poured a whole lot of goodness, kindness and loving care into creating a truly ethical beauty range we call “skinfood”. Now we can proudly say it’s one of the best Manuka honey skincare products in the market.


Au Natural Skinfood is totally sustainable skincare for a fearlessly healthy face, confidence and a carefree attitude. We know all about the feel-good factor of our clean beauty range because we use it ourselves to heal our skin and Mother Nature … every single day.

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Established: 2016.

Manufactured: Christchurch.

Ingredients: Au Natural is a delicious, no-nasties natural beauty – devoid of preservatives, parabens, nano-particles and toxic fillers. What makes it one of the best Manuka honey skincare products currently in the market.