Beer Belly Jellies

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Like nothing else on the New Zealand market, Beer Belly Jellies are made locally using beer, port, gin or whisky.

Beer Belly Jellies is the creation of Jenny and Lindy - long time friends and a great business team. Lindy creates the products while Jen looks after the strategising. The story began on Vancouver Island, where they were regenerating after a day of sightseeing at a craft brewery. They were presented with a cheese board that featured a pale ale jelly. The jelly was delicious with a unique, velvety taste that had them almost licking the dish.

Back home, Jenny and Lindy experimented using New Zealand craft beer. Over thirty batches later, they got the consistency, colour and taste right, And from there they moved into more beer flavours, then even further in the hard stuff, spirits!

There are now a wide range of jellies, including Blonde Jelly - crafted from a pilsner beer, Malt Jelly - made with an oatmeal stout, and the beautifully aromatic Ginny Jelly - which is made from gin. 

They are delicious with all types of cheeses, meats or for that unique taste in dishes. Scrape out your jar and use it in gravies, casseroles, baking and deserts.  The jellies are as natural as possible, with the least sugar that can be be used to give them a long shelf life. There are no preservatives or gelatin. 

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Established: 2012.

Head office: Wellington.

Products: A gorgeous selection of jellies, available as two or four packs. Includes Blonde Jelly, Pale Ale Jelly, Malt Jelly, Hot Belly Jelly, Ginny Jelly, Portly Jelly and Scotch Jelly. 

Stockists: Online at Beer Belly Jellies. Also, at Christchurch Airport, Colab Kitchen, Moore Wilson's and Parrot Dog, among others. See the full list of stockists here


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