Dancing Sands Distillery 

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Dancing Sands is New Zealand's most awarded distillery, handcrafting Dancing Sands Gin, Vodka, and Murderer's Bay Rum.


We start from the most stunning place on the planet, Golden Bay New Zealand. From our natural landscapes with marbled mountains to golden sandy beaches to our beautiful water, everything is a little bit better in Golden Bay. Where the aquas are more aqua and blues are more blue, even our light gives us a brighter beginning.

When you’re gifted with such spectacular beginnings, it’s essential you add only the finest ingredients.

Only the best is good enough for our gin - from locally foraged manuka leaves to hand grated wasabi root to vibrant saffron strands, the world’s most expensive spice

The Dancing Sands Spring at Te Waikoropupū Springs is the clearest spring in the world with underwater visibility of up to 81 metres. It pumps water at 14,000 litres per second at a crisp 11°C. The purity of the spring serves as inspiration for everything we do.

We use the name Dancing Sands to remind ourselves of our obligation to never take for granted the gifts that nature has bestowed upon us.

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Established: 2016.

Manufactured: Golden Bay, Takaka. 

Products: Handcrafted Dancing Sands Gin, Vodka, and Rum. Including Dancing Sands Dry Gin, Dancing Sands Sun-Kissed Gin, Dancing Sands Barrel Aged Gin, Dancing Sands Vodka and Murderer's Bay Rum.

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