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Your dog deserves the best. You deserve convenience. Feed My Furbaby delivers super healthy natural dog food to your door, with a personalised delivery plan made just for your furbaby.


Our flexible plans deliver the best dog food NZ has to offer, right when you need it. Everything we make is sourced, made and supplied locally in New Zealand, including our packaging. So we use far fewer carbon miles than all the imported brands. We are one of the first pet food companies to genuinely tackle sustainability in pet care; reducing carbon miles through locally sourced product and packing, reducing plastic through packing design and building sustainability into everything we do.


You only need to look at our packaging and you can see it’s different from anything else in the pet food market... a lot of love has gone into it. We’re a Kiwi fur-family just like you and we look at everything as both pet parents and human parents wanting to leave our kids a better world.

  1. Buying pet food from the supermarket all the time is annoying and it's heavy. We wanted to make life easier for Kiwi Pet Parents and take one thing off their to-do list. With your personalised subscription, you will never have to think about buying food again. Get the perfect amount of natural, NZ made dog food delivered to your door when you need it.

  2. Our mission is helping humans be the best pet parents we can be. That means taking better care of our pets, our planet and making it so easy you don’t even have to think about it. Our goal has always been plastic-free pet food. We’ve started with 60% reduced plastic, recyclable and compostable materials... and we will keep getting better.

  3. Great dog food starts with great ingredients. But it’s how a great recipe is put together that makes the real difference. Our goal is to help your dog become the healthiest they have ever been. We source the best natural ingredients right here in New Zealand with all-natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals to give them everything they need.

So, if you think your dog deserves great quality food, you deserve convenience and you want to help protect the planet on behalf of your pet – we’d love to have you as part of the Furbaby Family!

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Established: Feed My Furbaby was founded in 2017. 

Manufactured: Feed My Furbaby is based in Auckland. The products are made from the best natural ingredients right here in New Zealand, and the natural dog food is made locally too.

Products: Feed My Furbaby is a tailored pet food subscription service. A personalised daily meal plan is designed for each individual dog, then delivered right to your door. 

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