Haruru Gold Honey

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Haruru Gold Honey is located in the picturesque Makarau Valley, north of Auckland. Founder and head beekeeper, Tony Gillies, loves his bees and that passion shines through in the taste, purity and quality of his raw honey. Extracted in Haruru Gold's own facility without any heat treatment, the result is a fine artisan honey that is delicious on its own, slathered on bread, stirred into a drink, in baking and for a wide range of other uses. 

The beautifully sweet, golden honey is the result of the bees having a wide variety of native flowering plants to work with including manuka, kanuka, pohutukawa and cabbage trees - all the flowers bees love to visit. The bees also have access to an extensive orchard where they can gather the goodness from a variety of fruiting citrus, pear and stone fruit trees resulting in a flavour that is second to none.

A special mention must also go to the chestnut trees that provide a unique after taste that truly sets Haruru Gold Honey apart.

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Established: 2018.

Manufactured: Auckland.  

Products: Raw and pure New Zealand honey: Creamed Honey, Manuka Honey, Honey Bear - Pure Pourable Manuka Honey, Early Harvest Limited Release, Pure Comb Honey.


Also, a range of beeswax products, such as Board Butter, Leather Cream, Surf Wax, Lip Balm and Beeswax Food Wraps.



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