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Heilala Vanilla

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Heilala Vanilla began in 2002 as an aid project founded by John Ross and his family. Heilala Vanilla is sourced from the Kingdom of Tonga. From its distinctive flavour, its humanitarian mission and fair treatment of farmers, Heilala Vanilla makes people feel as good as the product tastes.

Heilala Vanilla is authentic pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla. Complex, rich, and bursting with flavour.
Grown on rich, Pacific soil and dried under the Polynesian sun, the world’s best vanilla is an all natural product of a perfect climate.

With a highly-scientific, unrefined process (cold-pressed, slow-extract), and an artisan work culture of the hard-working local farmers and families, Heilala Vanilla is innovating outdated Vanilla products and production.

Vanilla is viewed by chefs as the ‘invisible essential’ and Heilala Vanilla’s all natural, 100% pure vanilla can turn a side dish into a show stopper.

Winning numerous awards for its superior quality and flavour, Heilala Vanilla can be used both in cooking delicious dishes, or served straight from the bottle into your coffee, breakfast, cocktails, and more. 

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Established: 2002. 

Manufactured: Grown in the Kingdom of Tonga. Manufactured in Tauranga. 

Products: Vanilla Beans, Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Powder, Vanilla Bean Paste, Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Syrup, Flavoured Vanilla Extracts, Dutch Cocoa Powder, Premium Vanilla Hand Sanitiser. 

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