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​inverse hair® is the world's first ice conditioner - an award-winning genius hair tool that improves the condition of your hair every time you use it.


Don't be fooled, it’s not a straightener. No heat, no chemicals, cord or mess with inverse. This frozen beauty locks in moisture to give you softer, stronger, shinier, healthier and more manageable hair. 

inverse hair is the brainchild of David Roe, an innovative New Zealand hair stylist who started experimenting with ice as a conditioner. His curiosity was sparked when his wife rinsed her curly hair with ice-cold water to find surprising results; more definition and shine, soft and smooth to the touch and naturally falling curls. He could tell something pretty darn cool was happening.

David set out to scientifically prove the effects of subzero temperatures on human hair. Turns out, it made hair smoother and softer, resulting in greater shine and more vibrant colour and it also made it stronger and more defined, removing frizz and flyaway hairs. It also showed to help reverse heat and chemical damage. Recent research has also shown that inverse increases the life of a colour in our hair by a factor 2! Meaning less frequent colouring.

inverse comes in a pouch and contains a removable ice core that can be stored in the freezer. It takes about two hours to freeze and remains at -3 to -8 degrees Celsius for up to 15 minutes.


Using inverse isn’t a big time commitment. Just glide it across sections of your wet hair after stepping out of the shower. Most hair takes about five minutes to condition, but thicker and longer hair may take a little longer than fine short hair.

inverse has a best friend, ice-mist. Ice-mist is a non-greasy, pH balanced preparation solution that provides the essential moisture on the days you don’t shampoo or wet your hair. And if you’re an avid salon goer to hide those pesky whites? Ice mist is another must have. It returns the hair and skins natural pH back to normal after those harsh chemicals have come off. 

You can find more information about inverse and how it can benefit your hair on the inverse website. There are also some fantastic introductory videos on YouTube

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Established: 2013.

Based: Tauranga. 

Awards: Best Award GOLD 2015, Good Design Award WINNER 2016, International Design Excellence Awards FINALIST 2017, Export New Zealand Awards FINALIST 2017, Pure Beauty Global Awards FINALIST and HIGHLY COMMENDED 2018.

Products: The inverse hair conditioning system, inverse starter pack (including ice mist spray). The ice mist spray can also be purchased separately. 

Where to buy: Direct from inverse at


Special Offer: Use the code OOBY and you’ll save 10% off if you order an inverse hair conditioning system. 

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