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Being little is a surprisingly big deal when it comes to making gelato. It means we can hand select the finest seasonal ingredients, hand make our gelato with love, and be hands-on in inventing all kinds of delicious new flavours.

At the heart of our flavour philosophy is curiosity and surprise, and the imaginative fusion of ingredients. A season, event or occasion of any kind is a wonderful excuse to acquaint unexpected ingredients with each other. Think spiced gelato loaded up with chunks of Christmas pudding, pink champagne paired with pink macarons, voluptuous Central Otago cherries meeting decadent chilli chocolate and crispy bacon.

Our extraordinary gelato flavours for those on gluten free, nut free, or vegan diets are also out-of-this-world delicious, made with as much imagination as our other creations.

Our Chief Gelato Maker is our founder Hannah Wood. Like most kids, Hannah grew up adoring gelato (as soon as she first discovered the frozen delight). But unlike almost anyone else, in New Zealand at least, she won a scholarship to Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy (yes, there is such a place), to pursue her tasty passion and master the art of making gelato.

Upon her return to New Zealand, Hannah created Little Lato, and the rest is award winning history.

So, are you ready to experience the fresh flavours you love, like espresso, strawberry, or deep dark chocolate? Or will you dare to try a curious twist? How about fresh summer strawberry gelato with a burst of fresh basil, or a hit of chilli? Or lime and grapefruit sorbet with a sniff of coriander? Would you be brave enough to try hot Indian curry spice in a frozen gelato?

No matter what you decide, each and every small batch of Little Lato is handcrafted and churned to velvety, silky perfection. Whether you want to try something new to wake up your taste buds or stick with the dependable (and award-winning) favourites, Little Lato brings a little extravagant joy to everyone.

For a curious twist or a familiar flavour, no matter your dietary requirements, indulge in a Little Lato.

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Established: December 2017.

Products: An ever-growing range of award-winning gelato, sorbet and vegan gelato alternatives. Hand crafted with real ingredients and unique flavours.

Buy: Good Karma Coffee at 22 Jellicoe St, Freemans Bay, Auckland. Little 'Lato can also provide a creative selection of gelato or gelato cakes for events. They can add a Little ‘Lato joy to everything from weddings and work dos to parties.

Awards: Little 'Lato has won multiple awards, including at the 2019 and 2018 NZ Ice Cream Awards. At the 2019 awards, the gelato picked up two trophies, four gold medals and four silver medals. The DF Peanut Butter Chocolate also scored gold at the 2020 Outstanding Food Producer Awards.