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Little Lions produces high quality, exquisitely handmade items for both cats (and cat lovers!), with the aim of enriching the relationship with your little lion, through play.


Existing products include Bunny Kickers - designed to be played with by cat lying on its back holding with its front paws and kicking the cat toy with their back legs at once. Also, Catnip Fish, Cat Fish Rods, Catnip Scented Felt Balls, Catnip Stix, Collars and Scrunchies (which make cats more visible to birds). 

Helen Moore is the creator, master maker, and enthusiastic cat lover, behind Little Lions NZ. Based in the stunning Port Hills of Christchurch, the business is the creative merging of two of Helen's loves, felines and sewing.

For over five years, she ran a small business called Ya Yah Design, making eco friendly sandwich and snack bags, along with baby toys.

Then, four years ago when Millie Moo, her littlest lioness, joined the family, she found she had trouble sourcing beautiful, organic, high quality, New Zealand made collars and toys. So, Little Lions was born.

Before Millie arrived, Helen dutifully planted catnip for her to play in. She then found out that cats are only affected by catnip once fully mature - so decided she might as well started drying it while she grew.

Helen still grows all Little Lions catnip from home, organically. If demand ever outweighs that supply, New Zealand grown and certified human grade catnip will be sourced. 

Helen's main aim for the business is that you, and your little lions, will enjoy her products as much as Millie and her friends do.

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Established: Little Lions was founded in 2017. 

Manufactured: Christchurch 

Products: Organic Catnip Cat Toys and Liberty Fabric Collars.

Shop: Online here.


Little Lions NZ