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Monkee Trees are scalable cat ladders that have been designed with our felines' needs and wants top of mind. Hugely versatile, they can be used indoors or outdoors, and are modular, which means you can create your own personalised layout to suit your cat's requirements.

Monkee Tree was born when the founders, Jennie and James Powell, needed a cat ladder to get their cat Smudge to a catdoor which was up high in a window. As there was nothing on the market that was suitable, or looked solid enough James designed and created the Monkee Tree.


They can be used to inject some more adventure into your cat's life. They love to explore and investigate high places, after all! Many people use them to provide their cat with safe access - to an open window, for example. They're also great for exercising and stretching limbs, and you can even add a Scratch Patch to give your cat something to claw. 

Monkee Trees are designed and made right here in New Zealand. They're crafted from tough UV resistant materials that are built to last, so you can rest assured that your cat will get oodles of entertainment out of it for years to come. 


Monkee Tree is made up of Trunk sections (each Trunk is 4 inches, 10 cm high). It is usually recommended that cat owners simply start with either the 12 Trunk or 18 Trunk Starter Pack and add 6 Trunk Extension Kits until they reach the height they require. You can read more about the Starter Packs here

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Established: 2016.

Manufactured: Monkee Tree is manufactured in New Zealand and is Buy NZ certified. The business is based in Auckland. 

Products: 12 and 18 Trunk Starter Packs, 6 Trunk Extension Kit, Branch Pack, Scratch Patch, Cat Fish Toy.

Stockists: Online through the Monkee Tree website. Also, Transcat in Auckland, Normanby Road Vet Clinic in Auckland, Neko Ngeru in Wellington, Vetcare Limited in Masterton and Greytown and Pets On The Go - via TradeMe. 

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