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Nana Dunn & Co was created in 2019 by cousins Laura (granddaughter to Nana Dunn) and Heidi (Nana Dunn is Heidi’s Great Aunty Melba), who wanted to keep the pickled onion magic alive!

The pickled onion recipe dates back to 1935 and was used for many years by Nana Dunn who would distribute her wares to friends and family members. She has kindly passed this recipe on to Laura and Heidi, who hope to keep this and many more old family recipes alive through Nana Dunn & Co.


The Pickled Onions, Red Onion Jam and Curried Onion Chutney from Nana Dunn & Co contain only the most delicious ingredients and no nasties. 

The Pickled Onions are sweet and crunchy in reduced malt vinegar and sugar brine with 100% New Zealand grown brown onions, while the Red Onion Jam contains caramelised red onions in balsamic vinegar and brown sugar with 100% New Zealand grown red onions. Aromatic and moreish, the Curried Onion Chutney is a relatively new arrival on the block and is already going down a storm with the brand's loyal customers. 

Everything is hand crafted and hand bottled with love by the Nana Dunn & Co team in Mt Maunganui. Whether you want to make a cheese board or platter sing or simply want to indulge your love for all things pickled onion, Nana Dunn & Co. is sure to exceed all of your foodie expectations. 

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Established: 2019.

Manufactured: Mt Maunganui, Tauranga.

Products: Curried Onion Chutney. Pickled Onions. Red Onion Jam. Find out more and buy online here