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Natura Aura and Iwi Creations are designed by Leilani and Anastasia Rickard, two contemporary New Zealand fashion designers inspired by Māori culture, nature and science. Their company Natura Aura and brand Iwi Creations have recently become a global sensation for their originality and unique take on fashion.

Leilani Rickard is a contemporary fashion designer, with a background in traditional Māori weaving. Leilani designs the Iwi Creations hosiery line, which features original Māori tribal patterns by a customary Māori carver.

Anastasia, brought up with her mother Marchand and Leilani’s creative flair, is often found working alongside her grandmother designing garments and accessories. Anastasia, whilst studying science and working at Scion, discovered the beauty of microscopic imagery of native flora and fauna. This imagery is used as the inspiration for Natura Aura - the name of the clothing and clothing accessory line (as well as the name of the company).

Leilani and Anastasia came up with the idea to create a high street fashion range comprised of high quality garments, that have an emotional connection to nature. ‘Natura’ being the Latin term for Nature (chosen by Anastasia for her science and art design background) and ‘Aura’ (chosen by Leilani for her weaving and artistic background), the name ‘Natura Aura’ reflects the fusion of science, nature and fashion while being inspired by their cultural heritage.

Natura Aura sells high end clothing and clothing accessories, with each piece of clothing made to order. The brand also sells traditional woven garments and their popular designer harakeke blunt umbrellas, which are sold solely through the Natura Aura website. Leilani and Anastasia pride themselves on crafting only the best quality products for their customers. 

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Established: 2011.

Manufactured: Rotorua (Natura Aura) and Gisborne (Iwi Creations).

Stockists: Online via the Natura Aura website. Also, Skyline Rotorua, Ahu Boutique, Iti Gifts and Te Puia in Rotorua. Grass Hut in Kawakawa. Jean & Pete in Whakatane. Full list and details here

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Natura Aura