Coronavirus: Kiwis share views from their windows

New Zealanders have joined the 'view from my window' campaign, which is bringing people together during these tough times of social isolation.

A room with a view. Tony from Anakiwa, Marlborough, shared this stunning view from his living room.

Kiwis have embraced the international 'view from my window' campaign, which is encouraging people to share one photo from where they are living during the Covid-19 lockdown. The project was launched in March via a dedicated Facebook group. It has already attracted more than 1.6 million members, with plans to turn the enormous photo gallery into an exhibition once the pandemic panic is over.

Since our own level 4 lockdown, New Zealanders from the Bay of Plenty to Dunedin have shared their own views. We have posted just a few of our favourites below.

Alexa Smith took this photo from the hospital room where she gave birth on Good Friday. Photo credit: ALEXA SMITH

New mum, Alexa Smith, captured the view from her hospital bed in Invercargill after giving birth to her baby girl on Good Friday. Since she posted the image, more than 4.8k people have left messages of support.

She said: "I gave birth to my baby girl on Good Friday, five weeks prematurely. On my own, in the ‘green zone’ of the ward for the foreseeable future. Her daddy, sister and my family can’t visit and I can’t leave in order to protect her and me as she works her way through the neonatal unit."

Lucy Trevelyan photographed the view from her favourite chair in Wellington. Photo credit: LUCY TREVELYAN

Lucy Trevelyan from Wellington captured this shot from her front veranda in the early evening. She said that it is unusually quiet at the moment.

"Usually there is lots of city noise but right now it’s so quiet I can hear babies crying in neighbouring houses. Sending aroha (love) to the world from New Zealand."

Beautiful Queenstown. Photo credit: ARTHUR DEBBAH
Autumn leaves in Wanaka. Photo credit: KELLY HUGHES.

Kelly Hughes from Wanaka is enjoying the warm weather while it lasts - and is also getting a kick out of the teddy bear spotting movement.

She said: "We're having amazing warm weather, so my husband and I enjoy breakfast on our front porch every morning, and while away our afternoons reading and watching people walk past on their "government mandated daily exercise." We are putting toys in our windows for kids to spot, we don't own any teddies so we've put up a kangaroo!"

Sparkling waters. Mandy Montague took this photo from her deck in Whangaparaoa. Photo credit: MANDY MONTAGUE.
Equine paradise. Taken from a living room in Auckland. Photo credit: LIESL-MARI ELS COETZEE


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