• Jen Bell

Eat. Drink. Cook.

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Our weekly fresh finds from the New Zealand food scene. World Bee Day takes place on 20 May so this week's products have a deliciously sweet Kiwi flavour.

Honey, I'm in a pickle

Robbies make pickles and preserves in Gore using nan's recipes and ingredients. Filled with organic, heritage or heirloom produce, all ingredients are sourced from local suppliers. We love their celebration of honey across three of their pickled onion products. Choose from Honey & Balsamic, Artisan & Bourbon and the one we are most excited about - Black Barrel Rum & Honey! $28/1kg jar. robbies.nz.

For the love of bees

Tony Gillies, founder and head beekeeper at Haruru Gold Honey loves his bees and that passion shines through in the honey he lovingly collects and jars in Makarau, north of Auckland.

Haruru Gold Creamed Manuka Honey, $11/250g, is the result of bees foraging on the flowers of citrus and chestnut trees, along with manuka. This gives the honey a slightly sweeter taste that is also a lovely golden colour. Perfect for drizzling on piping hot crumpets. harurugold.co.nz.

Truly unique

Sheep Milk & Honey Gin, $68.95/500ml, from White Sheep Co., is a very special gin handcrafted from only the finest New Zealand sheep milk. Slowly fermented over a 12-day period to draw out the silky sheep milk notes, then distilled in small batches using a traditional style copper still. A delicate infusion of handpicked botanicals with just a dash of premium local honey completes this truly unique gin. thewhitesheepco.com.

A made made in chocolate heaven

Hand made in New Zealand using one of the world’s finest chocolates, this tablet from Matakana's Honest Chocolat is made with 72% dark chocolate from Ecuador and filled with a local manuka honey and chocolate ganache. The powerful dark chocolate is balanced by the sweetness of the manuka honey and has an irresistible soft and gooey centre. $15 for a 70g bar. Buy online or at their gorgeous chocolate shop in Matakana Village. honestchocolat.com.

Float away on a marshmallow cloud

Manuka Honey Toasted Marshmallow, $6.50/160g, from confectionary legends, Kapiti Candy, are beyond moriesh. Deliciously fluffy and delicate, they're a luxurious twist on a classic. kapiticandyco.nz.

Ultimate thirst quencher

This fresh new flavour from Barker's comes with a turmeric twist, making it easy to stay healthy at any time of the year. Lemon, Honey, Ginger & Turmeric, $7.69/710ml, has all the deliciousness of lemons, New Zealand honey and ginger. Dilute to taste with still or sparkling water to create a fresh, zesty drink. Enjoy as a hot drink to soothe a sore throat or, for a quick Vitamin C boost to start your day, simply enjoy as a shot. barkers.co.nz.