Guide to New Zealand made hand sanitisers

Are you still struggling to find hand sanitisers in the supermarkets? Luckily, some of our best loved Kiwi brands have ridden to the rescue.

There was a time when many of us didn't spend much time thinking about hand sanitisers. It was mainly associated with the medical profession and those with an intense fear of germs. It is now at the top of most shopping lists. However, there is about as much chance of finding it in your local New World as those guys on Australian TV show, Outback Opal Hunters making a living from their mining ambitions.

Thankfully, Kiwi ingenuity has come through and a number of New Zealand businesses - from all sorts of industries - are now churning out the stuff. It can be difficult to figure out who is selling what though, without trawling through the quagmire that is Google. We have done the hard work for you and compiled a list with links to online shopping below.

All products are made in New Zealand. We have tried to only feature those that are available to buy right now (and haven't sold out with long waiting lists). However, that can obviously change quite quickly. If you know of any other brands that should be featured, please drop us a line at

1. Good George Brewing - 946ml bottle free with beer purchases

Hamilton based brewery, Good George is substituting one bottle of their hand sanitizer when customers buy a squealer box of beer or cider online. They are following the the World Heath Organisation's recipe, which requires about 80 per cent alcohol. Their concoction is infused with juniper berries to ensure it smells delicious as well. The hand sanitiser comes in a large 946ml bottle, which you can use to decant into smaller vessels. Buy online here.

2. The Bonbon Factory - from $8.99 for 125ml

The Bonbon Factory, based in Whakatane produces handmade PETA-approved and cruelty-free products, including whipped body washes, skincare, moisturisers. They have now added a number of sanitizer products to their stable, including a Hand and Trolley Sanitizer in a 125ml mist spray and a Sanitizer Refillable Mist Pen. Containing 69% alcohol, along with Vitamin E, they all have a signature vanilla scent making them a pleasure to use. Buy online here.

3. Nature's Beauty - from $8.85 for 40ml

Nature's Beauty is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated family business. They are producing some beautiful looking hand sanitisers under their Bee Kiwi brand, which uses active Manuka honey. The Manuka Hand Sanitiser is enhanced with Manuka oil, which is an excellent antiseptic and anti-fungal ingredient. There is also a Propolis Hand Sanitiser with aloe vera, in 40ml and 250ml bottles. All products contain 70% denatured alcohol. Buy online here.

3. Naturally New Zealand - $49.57 for a 250ml two pack

Naturally New Zealand is a family owned Kiwi brand that has been going since 1979. Their hand sanitiser contains 70% Alcohol. It is easy on your skin and contains moisturising ingredients, leaving your hands clean, refreshed and healthy. Buy online here.

4. Rivalry Protect - from $17.99 for 250ml

Rivalry was born from a niche horticulture business that has been completely disrupted by COVID-19. As a business with stringent sterilisation requirements and some of the raw inputs available, they saw that they could quickly move into hand sanitiser. They are producing sanitiser in 250ml bottles. Product contains 70% alcohol and is fragrance free for those that prefer no scent. Buy online here.

7. NZ Native Oils - from $16 for 100ml

NZ Native Oils is a natural and organic skin care company in Paraparaumu. Founder, Maria made an all-natural hand sanitiser with their Four Thieves Oil Blend so that she would have a germ killer in her purse when she couldn’t get to a sink. It smells wonderful, full of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils. The Four Thieves Blend is combined with the strong anti-bacterial properties of Colloidal Silver and Isopropyl Alcohol along with the skin softening properties of Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerin and Vitamin E. Buy online here.

8. BioTrace - $27.90 for 200ml

BioTrace is a New Zealand owned and operated natural health business. They are currently producing an organic hand sanitiser, which is made from organically grown tea tree oil. According to BioTrace, the potency of tea tree oil means that the amount of alcohol in their hand sanitiser can be reduced down to less than 30% alcohol. This means BioTrace Organic Hand Sanitiser is suitable for sensitive skin and less likely to dry out hands. Buy online here.