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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Find out about #DearMidwife, a New Zealand campaign to thank midwives for the incredible job that they do.

Midwifery is a tough gig but coronavirus has kicked it up another level.

Many of us were helped into the world by a midwife - and for those of us that choose to have children, they are there when we are at our most scared and vulnerable. They witness emotional extremes on a daily basis. The whole rainbow from fear to unimaginable joy. Yet, they rarely get the recognition that they deserve. Their efforts can appear to quickly and easily fade from memory once baby is gurgling in mum's arms.

"If it weren't for the quick-thinking of the hospital midwives when my son was born last year, I don't know if he would be with us. How do you even begin to thank someone for that?"
Melissa Chan-Green, Newshub Presenter

International Midwives Day on 5 May is the perfect time to remind ourselves of everything that they do. Imagine if even a fraction of Kiwis sent their midwife a letter, expressing their gratitude? The outpouring of love and thanks would be enormous and surely a huge lift for the hardworking women and men in the profession.

We asked a few New Zealanders what they would say to their midwife if they had the chance. Below are just a few of the heart-touching stories that were shared. We will be sending these to the New Zealand College of Midwives to share with their members. If you would like to write your own letter, do send it to us at editor@oobymag.co.nz or post it on social media with the #DearMidwife hashtag and we will find it.


Dear Midwives,

If it weren't for the quick-thinking of the hospital midwives when my son was born last year, I don't know if he would be with us. How do you even begin to thank someone for that?

Not only did they help save my son in a medical emergency but the midwife who visited in the weeks following his birth, certainly saved my sanity.

I thought I'd read every book and blog about what to expect but nothing prepares you for the reality of the wonderful but daunting new days as a mum.

Thank you' doesn't quite capture my gratitude. I just hope you all know how appreciated you are.

Melissa Chan-Green - Newshub Presenter

Dear Midwives,

To the amazing team at Wellington Obstetrics. Thank you for holding my hand (literally and figuratively) through this wonderous process of becoming a Mum. It’s a whole new world and you gave me comfort, support and reassurance.

As someone who asks questions for a job you let me pepper you with queries and I felt like I had a squad on my side the whole way through.

I’m grateful for your tips on how to help ease morning sickness, smiling when the baby made cute poses during the scan, sitting with me while I waited for a test when I wasn’t feeling great, telling me my swollen body didn’t look so bad, walking us over to the hospital, chatting for hours while we waited for the baby, sharing in the joy when she arrived, reassuring me the fog of the first month would pass, showing me how to feed properly, celebrating mini milestones and for telling me I was doing a good job.

For all of that and more, thank you.

Jessica Mutch Mckay - TVNZ Political Editor

Dear Midwives,

When we had our baby boy, Frankie at Auckland Hospital, we were absolutely blown away by the amazing service and thoughtfulness of all of the staff we encountered, but especially our midwives - all of whom took the utmost care of us as two dads and our surrogate, as well as our baby boy. Not knowing what to expect or do in those first few days, we are so incredibly grateful for the experience and thoughtfulness we encountered at the hospital and birthcare, as well as our amazing midwife who then looked after us at home for some months - Kay.

These people looked after us like we were their family and at that time, we felt like they were too. We are so grateful for such amazing people who do this day in and day out. If everyone is as amazing as the people we were lucky enough to have met in the first six months of Frankie's life, then New Zealand is very lucky to have such gorgeous humans be part of our life and we should be forever grateful. Thanks Midwives. You are the best xx

Christian, Mark, Frankie and George - Love From Your Dads & Tiny Little Footsteps

Dear Midwives, As all midwives will know, babies often choose to arrive in the hours of darkness.

It was the 2.00 am call on a freezing winter's night to attend the home birth of my baby number two, that springs to my mind of the true extent of the commitment of midwives to their clients. Their calm, reassurance and experienced support was everything I needed at that time, not to mention a good sense of humour too.

I will always reflect back on all of my three births as memories to treasure thanks to the support of these amazing women. Thank you midwives for being part of such a life changing experience for me. Georgia Faull - Nature Baby Founder

Dear Heidi and Mel,

Words cannot express how much I appreciate you both. Heidi - you were there throughout my first pregnancy, always providing a friendly, sympathetic ear. I didn't have a clue what I was doing - or what I had let myself in for!

Mel - you are here for me now in my 28th week of pregnancy, one that has been much tougher with morning sickness and the shadow of coronavirus hanging over us.

Thank you so much for showing up day after day, not only for me but for all of the other women that are pregnant during these scary and unusual times.

You selflessly put yourself in the line of fire by continuing to attend clinics and deliver babies while we're still struggling to wipe out this virus. I can appreciate how worrying it must be, especially when you have your own family at home.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My baby boys and I will be forever grateful.

Jen Bell - OOBY Magazine Editor


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