Kiwis combating Covid calories with gastric band hypnosis

There has been a surge in people wanting Gastric Band Hypnosis Therapy, as Kiwis look at new ways to ditch the Covid calories post lockdown.

It’s no secret that the lockdown-cocktail of boredom, stress and anxiety created the perfect environment for some extra unwanted pounds.

Hypnotherapist Richard Kellow of Auckland Hypnotherapy has seen a surge in people wanting his Gastric Band Hypnosis Therapy, as Kiwis look at new ways to ditch the Covid calories post lockdown.

“I’m seeing people who have never experienced anxiety before now suffering symptoms, and as a consequence, more people are eating for comfort,” he says.

Richard has had people from all over the country, and the world – remotely tap into the non-surgical technique with him to restore their physical and mental health.

One of these people is 35-year-old Landi van de Venter, who started working with Richard after the anxiety that accompanied lockdown saw her using her body as a ‘rubbish bin’.

“I’m an emotional eater. The added stress I felt around lockdown had me eating everything in sight,” she says.

The mother of twins says she looked into gastric bypass surgery – but her doctor was concerned she would eventually end back where she started, as the surgery doesn’t address the emotional side of weight gain.

“I'm one of those people that has tried every diet under the sun. I knew I had to do something differently after lockdown ended,” she explains.

Landi says that although she was initially sceptical, she’s had two out of her four sessions with Richard via Zoom - and is already blown away by the results.

“I'm someone who would finish everything on my plate and eat the children’s leftovers as well. If I open a packet of chips, I had to finish them all. I drank about two litres of Coke every day – a habit I’ve been trying to kick for a long time.”

After her first week, Landi says her Coke cravings were completely gone, she’s feeling full after eating much less and she’s cut the snacking for good.

“It’s unbelievable, I was down 6.3kg in my first week. I still feel like I’ve been eating plenty – but I’m just not focussing on food like I used to.”

Richard explains that Hypnotherapy is about people using the power of the subconscious mind to get out of their own way.

“About 90% of our daily activities are controlled by the subconscious, the place where our habits and automatic behaviours live. Hypnotherapy gives us the opportunity to get the subconscious mind on board with the conscious mind to change our behaviour.”

He explains that despite hypnotherapy being portrayed as “whacky stage hypnosis” in movies – the therapy is more “meditation with a goal.”

“Hypnotherapy is therapeutic by nature and is very different from stage hypnosis. Even though it can seem a bit daunting, or like some form of magic, there is science behind it,” he explains.

Keen to debunk some of the major myths surrounding the therapy, Richard says that people need to have the desire to want to be hypnotised and the belief they can enter hypnosis.

“You can’t be made to do something against your own will. Hypnosis is not mind control, so you’re in complete control of your faculties,” he says.

The Author and Therapist says the Gastric Band Therapy is not so much what you’re putting in your mouth - but about what you’re putting in your mind.

“The Virtual Gastric Band allows you to form new habits that you can maintain; there’s no deprivation, so you’re free from having to think about food all the time and can instead simply listen to what your body is telling you.”

Richard should know, he’s been in the very same position as many of his clients – until he saw a Hypnotherapist to lose weight 10 years ago – and has kept 25kgs off for good.

“After losing a significant amount of weight through Hypnosis and keeping it off, I knew this was something I wanted to help others with. I’ve now been a hypnotherapist for five years with hundreds of happy clients from all around the world who now have healthier habits.”