• Jen Bell

Together Time founders: Why we started an activity subscription box for kids!

We grabbed five minutes with the incredibly innovative women behind Together Time, kids activity boxes that create quality time for families.

Kylie is a parent, teacher and aunty with two gorgeous children who love to spend quality time together as a family playing.  Sara is a mum, grandparent, and experienced teacher. They founded Together Time earlier this year to help parents, grandparents and anyone else caring for kids to enhance the quality time they have with the precious children in their lives.

The boxes are available as a monthly subscription or one-off purchases. They're suitable for ages 3-13, activities are adapted to each age group and most provide options for kids to have their own input and choice within the activities. Brimming with opportunities for families to have fantastic fun together, they encourage children to create, play and explore. 

We sat down with Kylie to find out what inspired her and Sara to launch Together Time and why they are so excited about the future of the business. She also shared their five top tips for fun, screen-free activities (well worth a read before next weekend!)

If you had to describe Together Time and what you do to someone in a sentence, what would you say?

We create kids activity boxes that allow parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to spend quality time with the important children in their life.

What were you doing before you founded Together Time?

Sara was teaching and has taught for over 20 years. I was on maternity leave, from teaching, with my second baby.

What’s been the most enjoyable surprise while you’ve been in business?

How much my daughter loves the Together Time activities. I knew she would enjoy them but she has really thrived from them and consistently asks if she can have another activity box. Her best quote so far has been, “Mum can I please have one of your activity boxes for my birthday!”

And the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is getting other people to know about our product. We have so many cool activities for such an age range of kids from 3-13 but it’s getting the awareness out there to people that we exist.

Did you find that sales and interest went up with lockdown and more people working at home etc.?

We actually only launched as we came out of lockdown – we had been working on the ideas and product since the beginning of the year but didn’t start promoting until the end of lockdown. We had lots of sales as soon as we came into Level 3 which was very exciting.

Why is it so important to give our children a variety of different activities and games?

Children learn in such various ways - by allowing them a number of different opportunities to be hands on and have fun with their loved ones spending time beside them. There couldn’t be a better way to learn and build relationships.

Would you say that educational toys and games are essential to a child’s development?

Yes and no, we really value our activities and know they provide children with so many learning opportunities but essentially we believe that quality time with loved ones is even more beneficial. Our activities just help to provide these opportunities and bring new, exciting ideas to families.

Do you have a favourite activity or game that you play with your own children? Is there anything that they really love above everything else?

My daughter loves both our activity boxes and craft boxes, she thrives when getting to spend time with me, especially when it is one on one. Her favourite activity is anything to do with playdough and her favourite craft is anything that involves painting or gluing. My son loves our big bubbles, he is mesmerised by them and is just starting to crawl after them in the back yard (he’s only eight months).

Do you have a favourite customer story or piece of feedback?

Yes – this is a quote from one of our customers which really sums up the whole purpose of Together Time:

“Can’t wait to get our next box. Little man cub is so excited. He so enjoyed the last box and as a busy working mum, laden with guilt it was a brilliant fix for both of us. Thank you so much - so much joy to our family in more ways than one.”

If you had to give parents your five top tips for fun, screen-free activities that they could do with their kids this weekend, what would they be?

1) Enjoy an activity or craft box from Together Time, this will keep you busy all weekend

2) Build a hut - take a selection of sheets and blankets and build an indoor hut.

3) Write a letter and/or draw a picture for a loved one and post it together.

4) Treasure hunt - draw or write a list of things together, then go for a walk and see how many you can find.

5) Anything can be a craft – set a table of bits and pieces up (this can be even from your recycling) and make it look inviting then the kids will be just as excited, allowing their creative imaginations to come out.

What are you most excited about at the moment? Do you see any big opportunities for growth or innovation with Together Time?

We are currently focusing on growing the business so people are aware of our exciting product. We are also hoping to expand into activity boxes made for birthday parties to help parents with fun activities to keep the kids entertained – especially in winter.

Learn more about Together Time here.