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Robbies produces a range of beautiful, handcrafted Pickled Onions, Jelly, Chutneys, Original Sauces, Relishes, and Pickles. They are packed full of organic, heritage or heirloom produce with ingredients sourced from South Island suppliers. 


Nothing artificial. No man made additives, just like nan made.

The Robinson family first started making pickles and preserves when they had a surprise baby and Josie yearned for the morsels she grew up with. The ones her nan made. 

They are now a Gore based manufacturer of original handmade preserves and have just rolled into their 5th year. Josie absolutely loves the creative freedom in her job, and the fact that people eat healthier by the methods and ingredients that they use.


"We care a lot about that, and catering to our customers allergies and intolerances, as we want everyone to be able to eat Robbies. We know that most of you have a fond food memory of times gone by with a Mum, Dad or grandparent who made pickles and preserves. We hope to carry on that legacy for you all in our bottle and jars, created from our genuine and authentic recipes."

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Established: 2015.

Manufactured: Gore, Southland.

Products: Pickled Onions - including Honey & Balsamic, Hot Pickled and Honey Bourbon. Relishes and Chutneys - including Nana's Green Tomato Relish, Peach & Ginger Chutney and Beetroot Relish. Original Sauces - including Red Pepper Drizzle, Southern Scorcher Rib Sauce and Nanas Plum Sauce. Also, Hampers and Gourmet Packs. Find out more and buy online here