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The Fat Beagle was founded by Liam MacGregor four years ago, when he discovered a talent for working with wood. . 

Liam has a passion for creating beautiful, quality, New Zealand made wood products which will be in your home for generations. He is always adding to his collection of pieces as he enjoys expanding his knowledge and skills for wood work. 


Every piece is hand crafted in Liam's workshop in Rotorua, using the finest materials. Recent creations include an exquisite chopping board made from a blend of oak, macrocarpa and mahogany, along with custom made bench seats, bar stools, picnic tables and dining tables. A number of pieces, including outdoor tables, chopping boards, gorgeous wooden toys, bedside tables and coasters can also be purchased via The Fat Beagle website. Liam also restores wooden furniture and regularly creates custom made pieces to order as well. 

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Established: 2016. 

Manufactured: Rotorua. 

Products available: A wide range of quality wood products, including bedside tables, bench seats, picnic tables, outdoor tables, serving boards, chopping boards, coasters and wooden toys. Liam also restores wooden furniture.

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The Fat Beagle

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