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Together Time creates kids activity boxes, creating quality time for families. Perfect for parents, grandparents and anyone else caring for kids, the boxes are available as a monthly subscription or one-off purchases.


Suitable for ages 3-13, activities are adapted to each age group and most provide options for kids to have their own input and choice within the activities. Brimming with opportunities for families to have fantastic fun together, they encourage children to create, play and explore. 

There are five activities in each Together Time box:

To Craft and Create

In this activity you will get to create a piece of art using a range of different materials. At times, this artwork may be suitable for you to post in our ‘Share and Post’ Activity.

To Learn and Explore

This activity allows children to experiment and explore scientific concepts in a fun and engaging way. This encourages children to be ‘wowed’ and begging to experiment more.

To Play and Keep

An engaging activity children can enjoy playing over and over again. These activities can easily fit into a small bag or activity cupboard.


To Share and Post

You will be provided with a NZ prepaid envelope and some writing paper so you can write/draw a personalised note about your exciting activities from Together Time and send to someone you love. Some of the Craft and Create activities will be suitable for you to post and you may choose to include that in your envelope to gift to a loved one. You never know, your child might just receive something back in the post from them – how exciting would that be!


This will be an activity using Te Reo Mãori that links to the ideas in this months box. Learning a language together is a great way to spend quality time with your tamariki. 

Learn more about the story behind Together Time, along with all the information you could need about the subscription boxes here.  


Visit our website.


Established: Together Time was founded in 2020. 

Manufactured: Mount Maunganui. 

Founders: Kylie is a parent, teacher and aunty with two gorgeous children who love to spend quality time together as a family playing.  Sara is a mum, grandparent, and experienced teacher. Her beautiful grandchildren live in another town. Sara often posts a little piece of joy from her garden, or a game to her grand daughters. Their vision is to enhance the quality time you have with the precious children in your lives.

Products: Monthly Activity Box subscription, Monthly Craft Box subscription. Whanau Activity Box subscription. One-time purchases can also be made. 

Purchase: Online via the Together Time website


Together Time