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The original Zerobag was launched in 2009. Made in New Zealand from upcycled parachutes, they are incredibly strong and lightweight, compacting down to about the size of a small mobile phone.

Creator Aaron Jones, an architectural designer by trade, thought of the idea while living in London in 2008. Appalled by the ever-increasing plastic pollution in the city, he set upon finding the perfect lightweight, long-life, quality reusable bag that could fit in his pocket.

Frustrated by the products on offer, he began to design the perfect bag. A chance conversation with a friend in France about skydiving and the reusable bag designs he was working on led to the idea of sourcing out-of-service parachutes to fashion upcycled bags.

Since the success of the original Zerobag, the company has had to turn down large volume orders, due to manufacturing costs in New Zealand and lack of parachute supply. Due to these restrictions, in 2018 the team worked on perfecting a new bag - Zerobag 2.0.


The utmost care has been taken to deliver a product combining the same quality and integrity as the original Zerobag. The Zerobag 2.0 is made from 100% certified recycled plastic bottles (rPET) material.

Zerobag 2.0 is strength tested to hold up to 50kg.

A portion of each sale is donated to Sustainable Coastlines and Seacleaners NZ, in an effort to further help protect our environment from plastic pollution. 

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Established: 2009. 

Manufactured: Christchurch. 

Products available: Quality, strong, long-life, washable, reusable bags created from 100% recycled waste. Includes Zerobag Original, made in New Zealand from upcycled skydiving parachutes - and Zerobag 2.0, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.


Zerobags can be purchased in a wide range of colours - both individually and as four and five-packs. 

Stockists: Online from Zerobag. Also, a wide range of New Zealand retailers, including select Unichem, New World and Commonsense Organics stores. A full list can be found here.  

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